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Dynamical Systems
Theme: Applied Mathematics
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Dynamical systems (often loosely referred to as "chaos theory") is the study of the solutions of nonlinear differential equations (or of maps in the case of discrete-time systems). There has been a dramatic growth in research in this area over the last 30 years, and dynamical systems ideas are now used in many branches of applied mathematics and physics, including mathematical biology. Research in applied nonlinear dynamical systems includes the study of the transition to chaos, which often has remarkable properties that are "universal", i.e. common to a large class of models.

Research projects in dynamical systems can be theoretical or computational, rigorous or experimental, general or model/application specific, or a mixture of all the above. As a research student, you can therefore focus your research according to your background and interests. If you'd like to know more or to discuss research in dynamical systems, please contact Ben Mestel (B.Mestel@open.ac.uk)

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