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Multivariate Statistics
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Multivariate statistics is a major area of statistical endeavour, ranging from exploratory, graphical methods of multidimensional analysis to fundamental questions in probability theory and inference. Its applications range from archaeology to zoology, while its capabilities are continually being expanded by advances in computing.

Most members of the Group belong to this Research Group, reflecting the breadth of the area. The wide variety of current research interests is evident from the list of projects given below. Within this Group, Professors Critchley and Gower are internationally renowned leaders in the field.

This Group complements well the interests of the other two Statistics Research Groups in Bayesian and Medical Statistics.

Aims and Objectives
  • to stimulate and facilitate research into the theory and applications of multivariate statistical methods.
  • to foster collaborative research, where appropriate.
  • to draw attention to the large range of expertise the Statistics Group can call on in this area.
This Theme's Projects

This Theme's...
This Themes' Collaborators

External Collaborators
Professor R.D. Cook (University of Minnesota)
Professor P.K. Marriott (National University of Singapore)
Dr P.C. Taylor (University of Hertfordshire)
H Oja (Turku, Finland)
B Li (Penn State, USA)
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